•          Our Chinese writing class in Singapore focus on showing children that writing is a form of creating which means as opposed to putting words together. It is also a possibility for the writer to convey their minds with meaningful words to the reader.

•          Writing without tears, our students are stimulated with the aid of our teacher’s wealth of information to write with imagination and creativity. Based on the ideology of our Speech and Drama program, our Chinese Writing class is designed to give students more opportunities in writing and discussion.

•          Our 2-hour class consists of:

O         Language Learning – Introduction to diverse literary paperwork – Tongue twisters, poetry, quick testimonies. Students are trained to study aloud in the front of the class to build self-assurance in public speaking.

O         Using function play, students are given possibilities to utilize and practice the language in one of a kind eventualities. Active discussions and brainstorming are also performed for students to offer them an enhancement for creative writing.

O         Story-Telling – Many students are not able to write well due to the fact they do not learn sufficiently. Using animated expressions and tone; our story-telling teachers get students engrossed, picking up thoughts and precise phrases they could use for his or her personal writing.

O         Art & Craft – Learn about recycling. Spark creativity and imagination! Students decorate their language proficiency through interacting with their instructors and friends whilst indulging within the colorful world of arts & crafts.

O         Games – Charades, matching phrases and guessing games… these offer scholar avenues to research even whilst taking part in themselves and often gain drastically greater. Learn Chinese through amusing and interactive video games!

Primary stage:

At the start of our programme, each baby will be evaluated based totally on their current skills. After which, our teacher will customize a learning plan and exercise assignments and activities enjoyable perfect for your child’s learning styles and competencies.

•          Creative Composition Writing – learning knowledge to put in writing and talk creatively, expressively and descriptively!

•          Able to comprehend the essential steps to writing an awesome essay, like constructing proper sentences and paragraphs

•          Learn one of a kind method of writing high-quality compositions

•          Vocabulary Expansion

•          Comprehension Answering Techniques

•          Increase your child’s self-belief in doing well for Chinese through mastery of the use of precise terms and words.

•          Practice papers and composition assignments are given each 2 weeks.

•          Papers are marked and teacher will spend the time to go through with each student in classes. Our small class length allows our train to spend greater time with every student to work on their writing techniques and precise areas to improve on.

•          Show & Tell/Oral practice

With a small class’s size of 1 TEACHER TO 4-6 STUDENTS, we offer an environment much like 1-to-1 tuition and yet permit students to take part actively in small organization learning.

We agree with in using interactive activities, actual lifestyles conditions and examples to make our lessons engaging and enjoyable in order that the child learns to love and master the language. To get more information about the speech and drama in Singapore click here.