Below I will describe some steps to take into account to lead the students in the textual production of the essay.

To teach writing essays is required first of a teacher who knows the fundamentals of argumentation, who understands the structure of an argument and can build it properly, because education is a task born with the example and knowledge deep of what is going to be taught and buy essays online for college.

Second, it is necessary to appropriate a model of argumentation that allows the design of the argument, for this the teacher can go to Toulmin’s argumentation model, teach it to his students and ask each of them to build their argument following the steps of it .

Then, from this, the teacher can lead the students to configure the essay in the chosen structure, be it deductive or inductive or another.

Then, to write an essay, it is essential that the teacher guide the students in the writing process, that is, prewriting, writing and revising, based on the data of the selected argumentation model.

Do not forget that each essay must have at least with your thesis, examples of daily life and most important arguments of expert authorities on the subject, this will give solidity to the writing.

It is necessary for the teacher to accompany their students and make a continuous feedback so that the work is of quality and the student reaches a significant learning in the process of construction of the essay.

Finally, a good process of teaching essay writing must be accompanied by a joint teacher – student review, which allows adjustments to be shared with others.

Remember that you should never assign your students to write an essay without first having taught them how to do it, this is everyone’s job.

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